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This engine is unused, from Toyota - not a rebuild. It would be correct to call this "New old stock," because it is a 2002-2003-style engine. Previous owner ordered it new for a project, but it sat in the box.... which is what it will do here now that I bought streetthrowback's old motor to build.

The reason I am selling is because I'm doing enough mods (2L stroker kit + head work) that it doesn't make sense for me to tear down this factory-assembled fresh engine while I also have a low-miles used 2ZZ on hand.

Everything from the valve cover to the oil pan is new and stock 2ZZ, including sensors, solenoids, timing components, oil pump, water pump and crank pulley. All unused. This particular engine does NOT have air injection ports. No manifolds, flywheel, etc.
It's still bolted to the the original Toyota box/crate.

I'm looking for offers somewhere in the neighborhood of half the dealership price. Toyota part # is 19000-88706, if I'm not mistaken.
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