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I got the Focals to install in the front with some modifications, but the speaker baskets are too large. I decided to order JL Audio's instead. I'd be interested in a straight up trade for either JL VR or TR 5.25" (new or used) to match my front JL's. My rears are going to be turned way down anyways and I mainly wanted to use a JL to match aesthetically (grille).

These speakers are new and the box opened only to find out during installation that they wouldn't fit the front. I paid $125 plus shipping as it was a clearance-type item, but these are originally twice that price. I think my local shop wanted over $300 a year and a half ago when I had some stereo work done (didn't get them at that time).

These are also genuine Focals, if anyone is concerned. There are apparently Focal counterfeits floating around.

Thanks for looking ... Dipan
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