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Attachment points?

HI, I like the look of the side scoops but have a question as to how they are attached and how easy it is to remove? I have the Radium Engineering clam kit installed on my 08 Elise with the stock side scoops. When I remove the clam the entire side scoop stays with the body and I had to cut through the molding. When I look at the brackets, it looks like brackets 1 and 2 are attached to the clam and 3 and 4 are attached to the body. If I just pulled the side scoop off using the 3 hex screws how hard is it to get bracket 2 and 4 apart so I can pull the clam off. Looks like a small screw holding it together but might be hard to get a screwdriver at that angle without going through the wheel well? Or maybe leave the bracket together and just loosen bracket 2 at the body. Either way, any enlightenment how this all goes together would be appreciated...thanks! (I probably only take the clam off every other year so I guess an extra 10 minutes with brackets won't kill me!) :popcorn:



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