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I was putting some spare gas from my lawn mower can into the car and used a plastic funnel that had ridges in it to pour the gas into the tank. The end of the funnel got stuck and I had to pull on it to get it out of the opening. The little silver thing that has a spring on it that seals the tube is stuck open now, so when you take off the gas cap, you don't have to push the nozzle into the silver thing, it is just wide open. I got some gas today, and the pump didn't automatically shut off, and some gas came out of the filler neck and on to the car.

I don't know if this was because the thing that seals the filler tube was open or if it might have been a problem with nozzle at the station.

Is their a way to take the filler tube out and fix this, or is it not really important. Is it just an anti siphon thing, or does it serve another purpose?
I am afraid to do anything around it for fear of doing something dumb and having the fumes ignite it I try to take the thing apart.
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