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This is really for those of you that have replaced the fuel rail with a Smaay, MW, or other.

Here are the parts you need

about 7ft of -4AN stainless fuel line

(1) 45 deg -4AN fitting
(1) 90 deg -4AN fitting
(2) straight -4AN fitting
(1) 90 deg -4 bulkhead fitting
(3) male to male -6 to -4 adapters
(3) -6 O-rings
(1) 1/8 NPT autometer fuel pressure gague
(1) Aeromotive 1:1 Fuel Pressure Regulator P/N 13109
(or other substitute)
(1) 3/8 NPT plug (I picked this one up at Lowes)

So with the pump out and separated in half your going to remove the stock regulator and thread the plug in the lower section as shown:

Auto part Automotive fuel system Gas Fuel pump Plumbing

Drill a hole in the center of the top section to place the bulkhead fitting inside

Helmet Head Skull Joint Hand

Reassemble the pump and install back in the car.

The regulator itself take -6 in and out I personally went this way and used the adapters and a plug (that came with the rail) in case I ever wanted to upgrade. Using the adapters and the plug that was originally on the rail you get this

Next I cut the 7 ft of line in two pieces (1) @ 1.5 ft and the remaining 5.5 ft

the smaller has 1 straight fitting on the fuel rail side and the 45 on the regulator

the longer piece has the 90 on the tank side and the straight on the regulator side.

Label Pink Text Font Logo

Bolt on to the vehicle and attach a vacuum line to the regulator. You will have to set your base fuel pressure. As soon as I have some in car pics I'll post them

Special thanks to turbophil for helping with this mod!!
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