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Fuel starvation on track?

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Is fuel starvation an issue on the Evora S's?

I went to my first HPDE event today... car was fantastic. However on my final run of the day with slightly less than 1/2 a tank of gas left about 10 minutes into the session, the engine note sounded audibly different (kind of buzzy instead of normal) when i came off the throttle after a series of turns. I did not have any warning indicator lights or anything like that. I immediately pitted and everything seemed to be fine. That was my last run of the day and I drove the 70 miles back home with no issue.

My only theory is that it was fuel starvation due to less than half a tank and significant lateral G-loading. Curious if either anybody else has experienced this (on the Evora specifically), or if it could be another more nefarious issue that I'm not thinking of.
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Depends on the track. No issues for me at LRP and WGI, but I did experience what you describe at Thompson in NE CT which has a bunch of nasty high load turns and was down to ~1/3 tank. Baffles in 2011 allow much easier tank fill than my 2010. Came in from a session at WGI with like 1/8th tank and no issues. A long straight after several nasty turns may be your culprit.
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