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I installed a Katana supercharger kit this week, and since then I've had problems putting fuel in my tank...

Unscrewing the fuel cap I can hear a moderate amount of pressure release, when actually fueling up I can only put in .3 gal at a time, before it clicks off, and I have to wait for gasses to escape before I can start that over.

From what I can figure, the relocation of the Charcoal canister, and associated plumbing is the culprit. The "evaporation" hose coming off my tank, to the charcoal canister ended up with a slight kink in it... which may have gotten worse after everything was assembled.

I will check it out further tomorrow, but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions, or similar experiences.

For the record, the hose coming off the gas tank is pretty un-pliable to begin with.
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