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I pulled a bunch of quotations from various sources on the Exige:

Evo Magazine:

"As a trackday tool it’s a brilliant package – faster than a GT3 in most hands and much cheaper to keep in tip-top condition."

"Traction is simply stunning and the speed you can carry into a corner takes serious mental adjustment."

"As with all Exiges, the real thrill of this car is the precision with which you can take apart any road. It’s so compact and so accurate that you never miss an apex, never feel compelled to back off simply because the road is narrowing or because the body is starting to float over suspension struggling to cope. You point, it turns; squeeze the throttle and the balance shifts according to your input, feather the brakes and the AP Racing callipers really wipe off speed – your every action is perfectly matched by the Exige S."

"To be honest you rarely call on the traction control’s services on the road, such is the mechanical grip and traction, and if you do it’s a very subtle trimming of your throttle rather than an obvious and frustrating stutter. Be warned, though: this is traction control and not stability control – lose it on the way in on the brakes and you’re on your own."

"Compared with anything else however, the Exige S Performance Pack is simply awe-inspiring. There’s so much grip, so much control and so much raw speed."

Car And Driver:

"On the racetrack, Lotus test drivers seem to prefer about 7-percent slippage."

"After dozens of laps on the tight, technical 1.5-mile course at Spring Mountain racetrack near Las Vegas, we'd come to the pits and find the brakes as strong as ever and tire tread still cool enough to touch."

"And the steering—well, it doesn't get much better."

"Certainly there are faster, far more luxurious sports cars available. But none of them is more fun. The Exige S 240 makes you feel like a hero."

"With a fortified 220-hp supercharged engine and street-legal racing rubber, the Lotus Exige S was a potent device. It’s basically a two-seat formula race car, which shows in the precise feel of the steering and brakes."

"Compared with the R8 and 911 Turbo, the Exige S was slower down the front straight by 13.9 mph and a whopping 21.4 mph, respectively, yet the Lotus ran a quicker lap than those two. In the twisty parts, the Lotus outgripped everything, especially in tricky Sector Four, where its time of 14.5 seconds was the best of the day."

"You won’t, however, find another car that extracts more performance from just 220 horsepower."

"We mercilessly flogged Exige Ss for a full day at the 1.5-mile, 10-turn South Road Course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and perhaps the most impressive thing is how well the cars held up to that abuse, not to mention Becker's frequent drifting demonstrations. The tires didn't even need replacing. Few, if any, other street cars would fare so well. The only perceptible degradation during lapping was that the brake pedal went a touch soft, but that was after 15 or so hard laps. Of course, also impressive is how quickly the Exige S turns, stops, and, even more so now, goes. And it's always happy to bring the rear end around with a little trail braking."

"No other street car is this connected to the driver, Ferrari F430 and Porsche 911 GT3 included."

Motor Trend:

"With only 2077 pounds of car to push around, the S's supercharged engine puts out 220 horsepower and 165 pound-feet of torque, giving the two-seater a ratio bested by a small crop of ultra-high-priced sports cars. Factor in a sticker of only $57,985, and the winner of the performance-per-dollar competition is clearly this newest Lotus to reach our shores."

Car Magazine:

"Lotus is pretty good at blending the dynamic variables that go into making the near-perfect sports car. Despite a track bias, the Exige is astonishingly good on the road, working with the bumps and undulations and never against them."

"The way that the Exige keeps itself flat under braking and cornering means that weight transfer is always kept in check, which is useful because there’s actually more weight at the back than you might imagine with the engine sitting tall and directly over the rear wheels (that’s how the Lotus test drivers achieve all those wild smoky sliding shots). In short it’s this stunning body control that makes the Exige so devastatingly effective."

"The Exige is still the most focussed, fully-clothed sports car on the market."


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Ok.... I'm convinced........maybe I should think about getting one.
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