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Funny ECU dump data

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I am in the process of trying to sell my 2006 Exige. I had an ECU dump done today at my local dealership for a prospective buyer. Most of the data seems appropriate, but there were a few strange things.

Max engine RPM - 13207, 8635, 8630, 8610, 8605.

I am of the opinion that the 13207 overrev would cause the engine to explode. As my engine is still fully intact, I question the validity of this reading. Further, the engine time on that RPM reading is within the last 2-3 hours of engine time. I have not had a misshift since owning the car that I can remember, much less in the last few hours of seat time.

Another strange reading is the Faster 0-100 KMH time - 25.5 seconds, and Last 0 -100 KMH - No Data Available. I think that means the the ECU has no record of the car ever going 0-100 KMH quicker than 25.5 seconds.

I ran across a post by xtn that seems to echo the 13000 RPM oddity.

Has anyone else encountered some ECU data that doesn't make sense? Any idea how this could happen? Corrupted data?
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Hey, My Elise did 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds! Take that Veyron!!! :D (And I've got the ECU dump to prove it.)

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It has been discussed before. It is a computer error.
+1. I had the exact same reading on my 06 Exige. Talked to the Regional tech rep for LotusCars USA, who in turn talked to the guys at Hethel. It is a known computer error, and I ultimately got documentation from LotusUSA indicating that the reading was an error and that my engine warranty was fully intact. Good to have with the documentation for the car if/when you sell it.
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