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Just thought I would make my first post. I've actually been lurking on lotustalk for awhile now, along with a few other website since I was selected to get deployed for 6 months to find a car that I like. I've decided on getting a "fun" car for now which eventually led me to choose a evo or lotus but its been leading more and more toward a lotus. So I am not a owner as of yet, after deployment I will be searching for a lotus (its a hard choice between the Elise and exige). As I'm new to the lotus and the 2zz engine any advice would be appreciated. I do admire these cars and their 1600 lb weight which beats the crap out of my 3000gt vr4 and its 3600 payload, and my wrx 3200 lbs. The looks are imo are on par with Ferrari. The only thing that's left my iffy on the lotus is that 2zz engine and tuning it, which the k20a honda swap caught my eye from Anyways thanks for your time.

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welcome and don't worry about the 2zz too much, if you tune it correctly. ;)
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