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Hey guys,

My absolute dream car is a McLaren F1. But at the going rate these days of about $15 million, unless I win the lottery or something there is no chance I will be able to own one in my life time. At the peak of my career I will (only) be making about $500k a year.

That is where I come to the Lotus Exige S260 Sport. It is essentially a heavily compromised McLaren F1. Aluminum vs carbon fiber chassis, 1.8L I4 vs 6.1L V12. The Mclaren only weighs 500lbs more than the Exige despite having more than 3x the engine capacity and cylinders, and seating for 3.

Now everyone is saying how the F1 as well as the S260 are both going to be going up in price in the future, but I have my reservations. For one, both of them are getting successors to the U.S market, and for two the next generation does not value car's as highly as the previous generations. What will happen when all the people born in the 70s, 80s, and 90s die or become to old to drive these cars?

Basically, should I get the idea of ever owning an F1 out of my head and settle for something else?
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