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FYI: Solstice Engine

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From @ the Toronto Auto Show regarding the Pontiac Solstice:

With slightly more European styling, Pontiac have entered the sports car fray with the Solstice. Powered by a 2.2 litre Ecotec engine good for 240bhp, the car was thought to be a possible replacement for the VX220/Opel Speedster in Europe until Vauxhall produced their own concept. Quite how GM view the Solstice in global terms remains to be seen.

Dump this engine into the Elise!
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And with a weight of 2800 odd pounds. Said it before, don't think GM is capable of producing a lightweight sports car, they had to go to Lotus for the Vauxhall.
Lotus Engineering did much of the development work on the EcoTech for GM...
Yep, the ecotech engine rumor made the rounds on elise boards the world over for what would ultimately be in the elise!
So why wouldn't they use an engine they nearly designed instead of outsourcing it Toyota?
I didn't know Lotus helped design the Ecotec engine. If the engine is indeed too heavy for the Elise, maybe Lotus could then make the engine lighter using Aluminum or by other means.
As far as I know is the 240HP number for the Ecotec with a supercharger and is not homolgated for road use yet.

In normally aspirated form it delivers about 147HP in the Speedster/VX220 and other Opel models.

Bye, Arno.
Thanks for the clarification Arno.
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