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Great pics! Sorry to hear about your accident and the car being down. I’ve been doing the wrenching myself, and will do this install also. It has taken quite some time. Thanks for the tip on the CAI. I JUST bought it. Maybe I can return it if I ask nice, though I think I bought from GRP and not BOE directly.

Glad there was no issue with smog check. I’m in CA, so I have to deal with CARB nastiness.

Do you know if they offer a black chargecooler cover? I saw one on the Harrop site. Would it get too hot for a carbon fiber or carbon-effect adhesive overlay?

You can contact BOE about getting a black cover. When I met Andrew he mentioned that they were going to have them available for customers who request it. just keep in mind the sale they have going on right now. Ill message you n try to send you the install instructions.
Hi John, are those OEM bumpers? They look really nice.
The bumpers, and A panels are the @HethelSport kit(they have a sale right now on the front and rear combo today)
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