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Gas Cap Door?

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Okay I did a search but it came up blank. How does the outside gas cap open. I read in one post the the Euro car has a lock on it. On the Fed car, can anyone just come up and tamper with your gas cap and get into your tank?

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It looks that way. Looks like it just swings open and reveals the twist cap. Is that aluminum?
In the Miata, the gas cap is opened by a lever in the center console, which is lockable. However, I rarely lock mine, even with the top down much of the time. In 14 years, nobody has messed with the gas. However, somebody did steal my ash tray and made off with about $20 in change (and it cost me $40 to replace).

Another question for Friday: does the cap lock and have some kind of inside release?
The cap does not lock (I am pretty sure) and is hinged on the outside. There is no inside release.
Thats ok with me since I dont ever plan to be away from my Elise.
I hope some locking inner cap will be available or a Pep Boy's version will fix.

The current unlocked cap just screams tamper with me to someone who's green with envy.

Maybe the final production version will have locks.
banTT0r said:
Thats ok with me since I dont ever plan to be away from my Elise.
Since the weight of the Elise is so slight, there is no reason
why you can't carry it around with you like a back pack.
I'm thinking that if I park my Elise in the projects overnight, the least of my worries will be siphoning or tampering with my gas - NO CAR to worry about I'd say. LOL
The Elise cap on the cars at show were all glued shut to keep them from being stolen, they're spring operated, ie when the spring gets to a certain point the cap opens all the way, it is strictly manual and has NO remote release or lock. The gas cap underneath does not lock, I'm told they couldn't fit a locking cap in the space.

Man I can just see the first post from some poor sap who got sugar in their gas from a prick screwing with their car. Yet another area for aftermarket improvement.
I'm sure there's some way to fit a locking gas cap under that gas cap door. I'm not particularly worried.

That door would also look good with the Lotus logo etched into it. I'm sure someone can do it aftermarket with an engraver.
Other possibilities:
- Serial number of the car (Lotus Elise #21 of 2500) or something like that
-That design excellence e with the crown and wing
-a perma-grin smiley face :D
-"This vehicle protected by Smith and Wesson" :rolleyes:

Just some thoughts...

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