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Gator Motorsport (Indianapolis, IN)

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Hey guys, just wanted to give some credit to Dino and TJ at Gator, I was having an issue, needing some parts, and they hooked me up, and the issue is fixed.

This is the thread if you're interested:

Also, I was a bit upset waiting on my front clam from Lotus, and mentioning to Dino, he wasted no time in helping me get with TJ about getting my car fixed. Dino and TJ were very professional in saying that they didn't want to step on any toes, but they did have some information for me if I wanted it. Next thing I knew my car was scheduled to get fixed.

These guys are the real deal, so helpful, so knowledgeable, and just easy to deal with. A+++

Gator Motorsport | Unrivaled Excellence
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My girlfriends car is on the way to Gator to get a clutch and flywheel installed and sort the fuel system I installed. Its nice that I am 6000 miles away I do not have a worry because I know it is in good hands and will be done perfectly by TJ and the gang
Yes!! Gator Motorsports is great!!!! I lost a windshield washer cover a few weeks back. Usually not a problem if I had a local dealer here in Arizona but we don't (one's pending).

TJ with Gator Motorsport really stepped up and contacted me and then got me the part under warranty. Thank you TJ and Gator Motorsports!!! :up: And, thanks to Lotus USA for not requiring the car to be present and requiring it be inspected by a tech before sending the part.
Thank you for the kind words everyone.

I do want to say, Allen, this is not a normal practice to send warranty parts out. You had a very simple thing to fix, gave me all the details, very clear pictures, and have no local dealer. I am glad we were able to help though.

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