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GB(closed): **Build Plate Group Buy**

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This GB is now closed. Plates WILL be available for individual sale, but will be run through Zach because he is a vendor here. PM me for price and details if you are interested.

Thanks again to everyone that participated!!

Alright guys, here it is, the official Group Buy thread for build plates. This GB has a minimum of 10 pieces, which we have already reached.

First, some specs.

The plate is aluminum with heat-applied gloss black paint, and a thin clear coating over that. I'm purchasing them from a company that has been making them for all sorts of applications for 15+ years. They say the painted aluminum performs fantastically in automotive applications, but to get the best performance, suggest that they not be mounted in direct sunlight and left for extended periods. In the footwell, which is where these are designed to go, they should last quite a while. However, NO WARRANTY is expressed or implied.

The plate will measure roughly 1.75" x 6" and look a lot like this...

Build Plates by VisualEchos, on Flickr

I will be offering them in silver with black lettering, and black with silver lettering.

**BE AWARE** The black plates have a finish that looks a bit imperfect if you're up close to it, but fantastic from 2 feet away. It's a combination of the way the paint is heated on, the clear-coat, and the surface itself.

The bits circled in red are what can be modified on the plate.

You have 6 vehicle icons to choose from (thanks to Zach):

1. Standard Elise

2. Topless Elise

3. Standard Exige

4. Mohawk Exige

5. Evora

6. 2010 Exige

Type will be 111R (Elise/Exige) or 124 (Evora)
Model will be Elise, Exige, Exige S, Exige Sport 260, Exige Cup 260, or Evora
Chassis No will be the last 4 digits of your VIN

You will have 1 of 2 lines of type to choose from at the bottom.

2. FORMULA ONE CHAMPIONS - 1963, 1965, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1978

Price is set at $89 shipped anywhere in the CONUS.

Payment is via PayPal ONLY to [email protected]

You MUST put your LT username, email address, and "build plate" in the subject line.

I have made a key for you to copy/paste into the notes of the payment so there is no confusion on which one you want. Simply stating "Elise" isn't an option.


The GB will run for this week and close at midnight on Sunday the 8th (unless there is more interest, then it may run longer). Art should be completed and all plates ordered on Friday the 13th. Plates should be completed by the 20th, and after each and every one is inspected/cleared, should start shipping via USPS Priority (2-3 day shipping) on the 23rd.

I'm sure I've missed something, so I'll update the thread when I figure it out :).
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This space is reserved for the final Excel sheet that will have all the info on it. I'll post it here and everyone will have the opportunity to check it o make sure I have everything correct before the final order.

Also, if you have an Exige S, please make sure to specify short roof scoop or mohawk.

how much to ship to canada, and is it possible to do other wording in the model, for example exige sport 260?
Yes, Canada is fine, just add $20, and make sure to pay in USD.

And yes, Exige Sport 260 is available.

hello if possible to delivery in france
for me
silver plate, type 111r
model Mohawk exige
chassis 0432
1-lotus sport-british gt3 champions 2006
let me know if ok

pseudo race
Yes, France is fine, you have PM.

Very cool. A couple questions:

- Very few of these cars were actually built by Lotus Sport, so why only have the option for the Lotus Sport logo to be included? Especially since you have the Lotus Cars logo? That would be kind of like putting an AMG logo on a standard Mercedes, or M logo on a standard BMW.

- No "Exige Sport 260" option for the model?
This is a plate I designed for myself and people liked it, it's for show only, not to be confused with the real thing, Lotus never made a plate like this or in this size. To change the design of the plate would make the cost go up exponentially, so it is what it is.

Exige Sport 260 is now available.
Are we using the "copy/paste of interested parties list from the thread in the general forum " or are we starting a new list in this thread for GB** Build Plate Group Buy** ? :shrug:
Just add yourself to the original list :)

Andrew, any idea how much larger these are in respect to the factory ones?
The original is super small, like 1 x 4.
1. Coyne - Fed Elise w/ hardtop, 0330, F1 champs, black plate

2. Kimgt - Exige, F1 champs, silver plate

3. Hipendicular - Exige, F1 champs, silver plate

4. darkSol - Fed Elise, 3993, F1 champs, silver plate

5. Certified Lotus - Exige S, F1 champs, black plate

6. Good2go - Fed Elise, 0188, F1 champs, silver plate

7. Corvus13-Fed Elise, F1 champs, black plate chassis # 0565

8. Cashxdr Fed Elise, #1600, GT3 Champ, (1)Silver

9. Cashxdr Fed Elise, #1600, GT3 Champ, (1) Black

10. avonnieda - Fed Elise, 5223, F1 champs, silver plate

11. A. woulf-fed Evora vin 0720 f1 champs silver

12. 2011 Chrome Orange- Fed Evora, 2686, F1 Champs, (1) Black

13. 2011 Chrome Orange- Fed Evora, 2686, F1 Champs, (1) Silver

14. Ogravty, Standard Exige, F1, silver, Vin 2700

15. O LEE O - #1 - Fed Elise - 1683 - champs - silver - (1)
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Thank you :)

I'll add those that have paid tonight!
How much for ordering two of the same (discounted price for second one) ?
Same price, the discount is already applied. $109 is the original price, $89 is as low as it gets. Sorry man.
Also just paid

I noticed that you changed from F1 Champs to GT3, is this correct?
too late to join in?
Not at all, the GB runs until midnight this Sunday.

I did the same. changed to GT3.
Your payment details shows "champs". So you want them GT3?

VisualEchos , under model, is the Evora only available as "Evora" or also "Evora S"? ( I have an "S "so I would change it to "S" if available)
I think we can do that :) The car icon will remain the same, I'll just add an "S" to the model name.
No problem, got it!
Don't worry dude, I got it.

Also, once the GB is closed I'm going to post the sheet for everyone to see so that I make sure it's right before ordering. I'm a bit OCD, but you can be sure it's going to be right the first time.
OK guys/gals, this is what I have up to this point. PLEASE look at yours to make sure it's correct!

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I am excited to see these done. Andrew, you will have to take some killer photos of each profile as examples :D.

Oh absolutely, I'm going to post them up the moment I get them and make everyone's mouth water :drool:.

An authentic Lotus build plate:
I actually went out of my way to make sure that this plate it would not be confused with an authentic one. I changed the size, updated the vehicle icon, and mixed parts from a couple of different Lotus plates to make my "show" plate. Producing "fake" plates that were exact duplicates of genuine plates would have been super easy, but would be disrespectful to those that own the real thing IMO.

The plate I'm offering here is actually a smaller version of the radio-delete plate I made for my car.

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Hey Andrew, can mine say "Elise R"?

Be your best friend!?
I'm pretty sure I can do that (if I can find the art for "R"), but the vehicle icon will still be the old one.
Andrew I have the r logo art I beleive...
Awesome, please send it to me, along with the "S" from Exige "S", or I'll have to use the "S" from "ELISE", as I can't find it. It looks good with the S from Elise, but not perfect.

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No problem, and I just got the R from Zach, so I'll add it :)
Andrew, any chance you can make my plates with a 111RS in the "Type:" block?

I had custom decals made for my car with same ;-)
Sorry man, but the Elise, Exige, and Evora logo's are set, I'm only adding an "S" or an "R" to some. Besides, I don't think you'd like it on the plate, it's not a centered logo and would have to be much smaller. Forgive me this. PM me if it's that important to you and I'll see what I can do.
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