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Soo.. as one who frequents the "For Sale" area of this messageboard, and also a computer guru, this could be quite cool for those who are selling their auto:


Essentially, take a bunch of photos of your subject or surroundings, and this nifty little app turns your images into a 3D style slideshow.. It looks cool when done well.. And I could possibly see this as another way of advertising something online to truly get an idea of what you're trying to sell, or show off, or whatever..

Plus zooming in on areas such as scuffs, or imperfections would be as simple as clicking on the area which are in question..

I may try it with the beater GTI just for kicks to see how it turns out..


ps. I'm not affiliated with M$ or anything else related to this "product".. I just thought it would be cool to see a Lotus as the subject of one of these things.
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