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2006 Lotus Elise
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so my 2006 elise with 25,900 miles has had a couple issues since i’ve had it back. (3 weeks)

it’s stalled out 3 times in neutral at red lights.

it had a code for cylinder 1 misfire which went away when i simply re-applied dielectric grease to the tubes

and it used to read p0171 very consistently last year but since switching the o2 sensors around it hasn’t read that code at all with no other attempted fix.

i do have p0420 but that’s because of a blown cat (the car shot flames so i’m 99% certain that code is accurately diagnosing a bad cat)

my STFT does sometimes go to ~10% but my LTFT seems to stay rather low up and down. stft even went to +20% for a brief second recently.
and my timing seems to be at +32-35 a lot of the time, if not permanently at it. my ltft used to be in the 15-25’s up or down but i haven’t noticed it since swapping O2s.

and my timing seems to sit between +1-4 at idle

(is that a healthy timing??)

my mechanic friend told me not to waste money on o2 sensors if i only have p0420 and know it’s the cat, but he doesn’t know about the stalling or misfiring or anything else. thoughts?

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Your cat may have disintegrated internally causing excessive back pressure and causing inconsistent readings on post cat O2 sensor. This can cause rich and lean conditions depending on condition. If clogged it will develop tremendous heat causing more damage to wiring etc. I would replace with a decat or replacement high quality cat.
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