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This has been a long time coming. Here is a spreadsheet with a basic build sheet of a K24 swapped Elige.

Keep in mind the cost will fluctuate as everyone will configure their build slightly differently, omit or add parts, choose other equivalent products from different companies, not to mentioned price fluctuations, costs of shipping, and how much you can stomach deal-hunting / waiting for sales or used parts to pop up. That being said, this is pretty close to how my build is configured from a high-level perspective. Also, keep in mind this sheet does not include all the small things like oil or fuel fittings, hoses, clamps, etc. which can run you into the triple or even quadruple digits depending on how you roll.

At the bottom of the spreadsheet, you can see some optional extras that I would recommend but are not strictly needed to get the car rolling and scaring you.

I've also attached @WhatsADSM's wiring diagram he posted for his PnP wiring harness.

If anyone has any suggestions for the spreadsheet or questions for me please let me know.

For a more detailed look at the process (as I experienced it) go here.

For a more detailed, more organized, and less drama-laced look at the process, please see @WhatsADSM's thread here.


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