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Get your new Elise right away here

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You've GOT to download the video on this car - AMAZING - 70 MPH radio controlled - it goes so fast it disappears from view in a couple seconds if your're not careful LOL
that thing is AWESOME! i'm so tempted to buy one but i have no clue what i would do with it :confused:
Wow... look at that price! I was thinking, "That's expensive!" until I saw the upgrades they've done to it.

My advice: Don't buy nitro unless you're prepared to tune/adjust the carburetor and deal with the greasy after-mess. And it's smelly and fairly loud (weed-wacker sound). You'll need to find a big, open parking lot to play with this car.

My suggestion is to buy the body from HPI Racing ( - They're in Irvine, California) and buy the 1/10th scale electric kit. It's quiet, no emissions, does 45 mph (not scale, real MPH) out of the box, and you can add a full bearing set and hot electric motor to shove that up to 60 mph.

I have a nitro HPI Ford F150 Lightning now and I really wish I had the electric version. I would play with it a whole lot more. But beyond that, the HPI kits are GREAT. There are various sway bars you can buy, different tire compounds and foam inserts (to simulate tire pressures), etc. It's a very tuneable chassis.

To play devils advocate here, I have a Traxxas T-maxx with a nitro motor (and a jeep body). I love that it's nitro. No recharge time like batteries need, (I can play with the truck all day if I want!) and it's fun to tinker with the tiny motor. I like the sound, but agree that it needs to be used where you won't cause the neighbors to file a complaint against you. And it's great to watch the look on people's faces when they see the jug of fuel in the garage: "Does that say 30% nitromethane?!!? :eek: "

But the electric motors have more torque, and are more noise friendly. Buy a lot of batteries and chargers, they burn through a charged battery in fifteen minutes or so.

What website sells the highest speed/power electric RTR cars?
I've got a T-MAXX also, put a HUMVEE body on it after destroying the original. Skate parks are by far the funnest place I've found to take it so far. I prefer monster trucks.

We had some guys that had cars doing over 100 mph. Buy an elise body like the linked above and your good to go.

Started making a site on it but got interupted and never added more.
Jon said:
What website sells the highest speed/power electric RTR cars?
Good site I've used a few times is lotsa stuff. But there's other sites as well of course.
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