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I will be meeting my Intercity Lines Driver team(husband & wife) at the Pixar campus 1200 Park Avenue, Emeryville, Ca. saturday evening at approx 7:00 pm. Just in case anyone in the SF Bay Area wants to share in the excitement. Call me to coordinate @ (510)502-0172
The driver team told me that once they arrived in California they were going to be first delivering a Carrera GT to the Pixar campus for "display purposes" . I said "hey I'll meet you there":cool:
The Carrera GT's are ALWAYS shipped in the upper/forward bay of the transporter so the Elise is sure to be the first car to come out. Hopefully it won't steal the show rotfl ..
Marcia and Craig (driver team) said that they had never seen an Elise before and thought that it was "WAY COOL".
:p :clap: :D
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