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Hey guys,

So I'm selling my current car so I can get into tracking. I have a beater car so there's no worry about a DD.

however, I'd like to know what you guys end up paying for tracking? I'd like to get more involved in it and just like to know start up/maintenance costs. thanks!

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what you pay depends on your risk tolerance, how much you know, how much you care, and how much you do yourself. I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but there's

- the fee you pay to the organizer for the event
- track insurance if you want it (for me this has effectively doubled the entry fee)
- gas
- food
- for some events you may elect to stay in a hotel

then there are the costs incurred around the track days. these include things like

- inspecting the suspension
- flushing brake fluid
- tires
- brake rotors and pads
- changing the engine oil more often
- changing the transmission oil more often

For me, all things considered I'm guessing the total cost of an event comes out somewhere between $700 - $1000, and I'm doing all the work myself. Admittedly it could be done cheaper (maybe closer to $500?) but you don't want to go too cheap. The last thing you want is to have the car fail while you're zinging around the track at max speed.
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