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GGLC/Lotus Talk Lunch (Mountain View, CA 14-Jul-09)

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Its time for another GGLC/LotusTalk South Bay lunch. Meet us on July 14 (Tuesday) for some excellent Mexican food at Vive Sol in Mountain View. There is a plenty of parking in the rear of the building and if we get enough people I'll see if I can get a section of the lot reserved for us.

What: Lotus Talk South Bay Lunch
When: 11:45 am on 14-July-2009
Vive Sol Restaurant
2020 El Camino Real.
Mountain View, CA 94040
Website: ViVe SoL - A unique Restaurante Mexicano with true Comida Barroca Poblana
Directions: Directions at vive sol mountain view - Google Maps

If people would like to squeeze in please leave a message in this thread so that the restaurant can be ready for the group. I will update this post with an attendee list and more info as we get closer.

1) rnr
2) khamai
3) lotus4fun + 1
4) Wasabi
5) djo715
6) kertong
7) Implosion
8) Tintin
9) Spudboy
10) JayG
11) IamBatman
12) RichardL
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Lunch only. You are welcome to organize a drive after the lunch but since most folks will be heading back to their offices you may not get too many takers.
No worries, I was just checking since I had to make the decision to whether drive 1.5 hours or not...since it's just lunch I'll have to pass. :D Have fun though!
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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