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GGLC Run from Santana Row to Danville

Jen and I will be leading the drive from Santana Row.

The Event: Lotus Run from SR to Danville—including a drive along the Calaveras reservoir and a winery stop in Livermore before arriving at Mel and Darlene’s place in Danville for a great BBQ. Rob & Jen will lead the run.

Description: The road along the reservoir is good, albeit narrow, with plenty of switchbacks, and there is little or no loose gravel. There are about 200 turns along the 20-mile drive from the Milpitas area to I-680/Rt 84—most are concentrated in the 10 miles along the reservoir. After skirting the reservoir, we will follow Rt. 84 into Livermore for a brief winery stop and finally connect to Collier Canyon Road, Highland Ave and Tassajara/Sycamore Valley Rd into Danville. Total run length is ~55 miles.

Start Time and Place: Saturday, June 20th. We want to leave ~ 10:30 AM from SR.

As GGLC Prez I'll be leading the monthly GGlC meeting hosted this month at Mel's

If you get lost call me at 408.725.4243. it will ring through to my cell - Rob & Jen.

P.S. Thanks Joel for last year's route.
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