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Dat aint so phat!

They need to mprove dis game-

You need hollow-point 45's, roach clips and a rock of crack for playin pieces instead.

Everybody in da hood be in jail so how u gonna play da game.

What happens when you land on Boardwalk or Park Place? Does Donald Trump come out and pop a cap in your lid?

Da East Coast gotta be one color and the west coast be anotda

Pass go- Collect welfare checks and food stamps and get extra $ if u no who your baby daddy be at.

Get outta jail free cards can only be given to playas named OJ, or peeps who have enough cash to pay for Cochran

B O railroad should be renamed the F train cause it be smellin funky too.

For real players you gotta get da real bling bling thingamajing.
FAO Schwartz has the opposite version for sale. It costs $100,000 and has a jewel encased board, and uses REAL money-
Now thats phat! Just dont spill your Cristal on it when your riding to the club in your Maybach to be with your homeys.

Nobody in da hood is gona by an Elise with 22 inch rims, the rule is that that rims gotta cost more than the car. Besides it is already a low rider, so you cant put hydrolicks in it to make it bounce up and down at stoplights cause it would bottom out the suspenshun.
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