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Hi everyone

My name is Simon, I'm 29,I live in France (please forgive my english!) and I'm a big sport car enthusiast, particulary Japanese ones.

I had a Subaru a few years ago, then a Toyota MR Spyder (fantastic car to learn how to drive mid engines) and now I own a my2004 NA ardent red Exige S2

There it is :

The car is quite basic, no leather seats, no AC, no electric windows, the only options are the driving lamps and the front oil coolers.

The engine has a stage 1 exhaust, an ITG maxogen filter (great sound!), and soon a lightweight flywheel but especially a Toyota LSD

The car also have a HID 6000k and LED bulbs almost everywhere, maybe you've noticed the rear tail-light mod.

I made a tiny rear view miror

I used to go on trackdays with all my cars, and it's a real pleasure with the Exige!

There in action on track -> YouTube - Glubux dans son Exige aux Vassim Days
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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