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I managed to convince the organizers of Canadian Supercar Series to let me race. It is a semi-pro series with Ferraris and P**ches and some Corvettes....

I am very excited!!! It would be a great venue for our favorite car!

I think, before they load me up with bonus weight, I and the Lotus will do well.

I have to run certain stock items. Please, help me in pointing me to the best way to source them:

1. Diffuser. I am allowed to run stock rear diffuser, only. Are there different styles? If so which one is best? I have located a regular stock one, already.

2. Mirrors. Found a set in WTB section. Thank You!

3. Front lights. I have an S1 clam. Any advice? Looks like there is a mounting ring and adjustment ring and a Cibie lens with replaceable bulb.. Anything else I am missing. I have to put a bulb and light it up, but do not need to aim it anywhere.... Looks like I can get parts from EP, etc...

4. Stock dash. Where do I get enough parts to cover the aluminum up? :)
I had some of it and ripped it out....



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