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Going through 60977 87 Esprit turbo

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We purchased 60977 USA 1987 Esprit turbo a few months back. Red/Tan

I am now in the process of going through the car and thought I might as well document what I am replacing/updating on the car.

First project was doing the brake pads and brake lines.

I used the EBC green pads. DP2456 pads are installed successfully on the front.

DP2189 on the back. These parts fit.

I also installed Goodridge black stainless steel brake lines on all for corners.

Glad to get rid of 25 year old rubber hoses.
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Good idea on the brake hoses, Check your fuel lines.....
Good idea on the brake hoses, Check your fuel lines.....
Tom is spot on for that :clap:

These cars have two fuel tanks with rubber hose connecting the 'balance' pipe and should be replaced.

Need more information about the car... what was done and what was not. With that information we can point you in the right direction.
DO NOT run this motor with an old timing belt as it is an interference motor$$$

Please give some details and we will help.

'87 Esprit
I let my son (15) try to drive....and he stalled it. Would not start. I had to prime the fuel pumps with a jumper in the relay socket then had it working briefly.

(now the car will not start after a complete cool down)

Originally with all the fuel issues I have read about, I thought that MAYBE something clogged the fuel system. So I removed the fuel injectors and tested them. (and cleaned them) All 4 open at 50psi with a good spray pattern. I then changed the fuel filter. NO START condition still is happening.

I confirmed that I have voltage to the pumps and fuel is flowing.

I then crawled in the back and saw that the Blue/yellow wire on the thermal time sensor is broken!!! I just ordered a new connector and JPT terminals. My thoughts are this is not allowing the cold start injector to fire and is preventing the cold start up. I will keep you posted.

(I also confirmed that I was getting spark and replaced all 4 plugs with NGK iridium)

Any recommendations on a good CIS pressure tester? I dont have one yet.


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PS....I also confirmed the fuel shut off button was not popped up.....and confirmed continuity with the VOM. (I wish it was that simple)
A useful trick I learned from the days when my DeLorean had CIS for cold start issues like this:

The control pressure regulator is fed power continuously, and the plug conveniently will fit the cold start valve.

So what you can do is take the blue plug out of the CSV, and connect the grey plug from the control pressure regulator. Then the car should start if it is in fact because of a lack of cold start fuel.

Of course, as soon as the car has started, you have to swap the plugs back into their intended places, or you'll run WAAAAY rich.
The cold start injector on the CIS Esprit does not come into play at summertime ambient temps. Prob not that...

Fuel pumps should run at Key On, Engine Off for a couple seconds. Then, the car must sense some RPMs to turn on the fuel pumps (a safety feature).

Page 65, section PD has the diagram of fuel pump power.

Look for loose/melted/charred connections under the fuel pump relays and in the connections under the panel by the right quarter window. The Engine Overspeed Module is in that area as well, and could be the culprit.

And, Oh Yeah, make sure that the 12V wires to the fuel pumps are connected at the positive battery terminal....

EDIT: There can be 12V backfeeding into the fuel pump circuits, so measuring voltage MAY not mean anything.
I separated the harness above the right hand fuel tank and cleaned it with Deoxit.

Put back together and the car started. I then measured the voltage at the fuel pump....11.7 V up from the previous 9.9V.

Drove the car tonight. Ran great (seemed smoother after the new fuel filter and cleaned injectors). The brakes are fantastic.

NExt....I want to get a cat bypass. Anyone have one for sale? The trunk panel above/near the cat gets really hot. needs to go.

This car is so light it just stops....and goes around corners with amazing stability. My Ferraris do not handle this well.
Decided to try to put in LED rear lights today and ran into something odd. (or maybe not)

The outside parking lights on each side have sockets that take a duel element bulb. The funny thing is that there is no brake wire that runs over to signal the second element. So what I am saying is that the socket will only take this type of bulb, but it has not signal from the brakes, it will only serve as a parking light. (why use the socket if you arent taking advantage of it?)

The most inward socket serves as the brake light. In addition, the brakes also signal a very small second bulb.

My plans are to have the brakes also serve that second input on the dual LED bulb. Should have quite the stop lights when all is said and done. (I also notice the faster response on the LED which really is obvious and clearly safer)
Is that a 308 or a 328? Would love to see more pictures.

My Esprit is also an '87 HCi.
looks like a 308, as the louvers on the rear 3/4 windows are bright steel, 328 they're painted black. brings back memories I had a pearl white 87 hci! A great car.

Is that a 308 or a 328? Would love to see more pictures.

My Esprit is also an '87 HCi.
When I was a kid I used to ride my bike up to the front of my neighbor hood in hopes of seeing one of two cars that I loved.

One was a red 85 308QV, the other was a White 87 HCi. I purchased the 308QV back in 97 because I felt it would be a more difficult car to purchase in time. Boy was I wrong. I looked online for the white 87 HCI for years and never could find one. Infact, I think it is nearly impossible to find an 87 forsale.

So, back in 97 I purchased this 308QV from the original owner. At the time it had 19K miles and it now has a little over 26K. It really has been my favorite car for a long time. But I have to say, that I am really enjoying this HCi.


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really want a 308 or 328 one day, beautiful car
Ok....installed a modern stereo over the past several days. Keep it a Blaupunkt and went with a Toronto 420BT. Really like the blue tooth and handsfree phone option.


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the bad news is that all the speakers are terrible.

The really bad news is the driver front speaker is dead. That means the binnacle is going to need to move.

I will test fit the new front passenger speaker first. Here is a pic of the old speaker and backet assembly Lotus used. The top grill spins down on a lower threaded tab. The current speaker was not stock and was just sitting in there.

I will see what I need to do one the new speakers arrive.


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LED rear tail lights done. 4 #1156 bulbs for brakes and back up lights. 2 #1157 for brakes. I did not do the turn signals. they would also be #1156 (so order 6 if you are doing yours)
Rear speakers in. New Blaupunkt 4 inch CL 100 Blue magic speakers fit perfectly. I used the old grills for the stock look.

Waiting on new front speakers to arrive. (3.5 inch pioneers...we will see if they fit)
So can you buy parts for this older car? Or do you have to find replacement parts from salvage vehicles?

More pictures!!!
So can you buy parts for this older car? Or do you have to find replacement parts from salvage vehicles?
While a few parts across all model years are getting difficult to find, most parts can be obtained from the Usual Lotus Parts Suspects.

JAE Parts, Dave Bean, R.D.Enterprises, Sports Car World are a few of the North American suppliers. There are others in the UK, Germany, and Thailand.

Heck, some critical parts can even be sourced from Lotus Cars USA themselves. LCU likes you to go through dealers, though.
I just love this car. When I walk out of the just stands out. The straight lines are a stark contrast to everything. The only car that carries this style is the lamborghini countach. Thumbs up where ever it goes. Trust me that the 308 or 512tr has not received all of the looks this car does. I think most people don't even know what it is.

Having said this, I like to go through a car and get it back to a reliable and functioning car that looks brand new. It is taking some time, but it is getting there.

in addition, these cars are nearly impossible to find. The production numbers are close to the countach, and quite frankly, I think it is an undervalued collectable car.
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