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After hearing from fellow elise talkers about negative experiences with their dealers, certain apprehension ensued regarding my dealership.

However, I was called and finished an excellent test drive. Steve has a 30 minute route of twisties and open streches (he encouraged me to take a 25 mph posted series of curves @ 60 mph -- wow! what a car!) I have been treated with the utmost respect and honesty by Mid-Rivers in St. Louis. I don't think I have heard any negative remarks about how they are treating the deposit holders. Every car, outside of the demo, is going to the holders on the list, all for MSRP. The potential for markup for any of the dealers is definately there. There is obviously nothing wrong with trying to get market value for the Elise, I just don't think certain dealers have been fair and upfront (ie: symbolic, Fox) with their deposit holders. At least that 's the impression I get from this forum.

I hope that LotusUSA becomes aware of each dealers questionable treatment of the devoted customers. Honest dealers should be rewarded (greater # of future cars, quicker delivery, etc). However, word of mouth regarding less than moral treatment of the consumer will eventually hurt Symbolic and Fox. They're shooting themselves in the foot with their business practices.

Anyway, the guys at Mid-Rivers have been great. Thanks Steve for doing such a great job. I hope that in some way they will be recognized and continue to be successful.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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