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A little spot of good news for us.

“Jekyll” BBC series from 2007 is available on Amazon.

Lee Weinstein and I watched it separately and we both loved this little 6 part series.

“Jekyll” is a very modern treatment of the story we all grew up knowing. Two people occupying the same body….sort of.

Moreover, Jekyll and Hyde communicate with each other. Via micro-recorder. (The doctor is very annoyed that Hyde never tells him where he parked.)

I just watched this again, having only seen in the one time in ’07.

It still strikes me as brilliant. And, shocking. (Most episodes have a “HOLY ****” moment or two for me.

Thing is that we can never really anticipate where the story moves next.

Let us know what you think. You might notice the 2 gorgeous women too.


I watched a movie that was even better than its high Rotten Tomatoes ratings. “Searching”.

Teen daughter missing. More twists and turn than Tail of the Dragon.

Very surprising stuff going on.

Find it on a premium station. (Starz, now)

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Thx for the tip
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