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Good price on race belts?

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Hi guys,

My Exige S is coming next week, and I was looking at some race belts I saw mentioned on the forums, but they were around $220 for a 4 point.

This harness is a 5 point for 129 each, and it has a parachute style release on it, where you twist and slap. They're also available in a bunch of colors. I'm pretty sure my Exige S has an OEM bar already, but I'll wait to order. Let me know if you guys think this harness looks decent, or if you have other recommendations. As far as I can tell, this is a great price.

Racing Seatbelts

Oh, and recommend 3 inch or 2 inch? Will 3 inch fit through the holes?

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Not sure how good their harnesses are, but price should not be a concern when you're looking for safety.
x2 brother, just get the best you can if your going to drive like a maniac. Invest in a fire extinguisher as well.

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I just went to a local race store and purchased 2 RCI 5 point cam lock harnesses in blue for $165 with tax, instead. They're the 3-inch, and if they don't fit, I can return them for no charge. I'll post pics when I get the car and install them :panic:

Oh, and I'm not planning to drive like a maniac, maybe just a few track days when I can afford it. It's mainly for looks, as I'm planning on showing the car and think the race harnesses look amazing. They're safety rated and weigh about 10 lbs each (omg, it'l slow me down LOL).
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