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getting to DC


If I were you, I'd get off of 95 south at Elkton, Maryland, and from there get onto 213 South and head down through the Eastern Shore of Maryland, cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and on to DC on Route 50.

It's all VERY good single lane roads, very picturesque, all kinds of opportunities to vary speeds, from 60 to 70 down to 25 to 30 as you go through the small towns on the Shore.

Stop in Georgetown (not DC, there's a small town called Georgetown on the Eastern Shore), right on the water, for lunch or dinner at the Kitty Knight House, a lovely colonial mansion on the water converted to a first class restaurant.

Come through Chestertown, home of Washington College (the ONLY college in the US bearing Washington's name that he actually gave such permission for...he served on it's Board of Advisors), cross the beautiful Chester River there, head up through Centreville, onto Kent Island (stop and eat crabs at any number of waterfront pubs and crab houses), then across the Bay Bridge.

Don't know how much time you have, this would make a good two day trek...stay at at B & B in Chestertown, there are several.

The ONE problem is that they are redecking one of the two parallel bridges across the Bay, and depending on when you cross it there can be considerable backups.

Anyway, that's what I'd do if I were making your trip, with that car.

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