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Depending on the time of day you can try the Merrit Parkway (Rte 15)(, considered one of the most beautiful highways in the country (built over 50 yrs ago!). The road is very twisting in parts so it is a lot of fun. However traffic can be a hassle. You can also stop at Hunting Ridge Motors which is only a few miles off of the parkway.

There is a connector between 95 and the Merrit in Milford (just west of New Haven). The Merritt turns into the Hutchinson River and takes you to the GW bridge.

There are also nice roads in SE CT north of 95 but I can't name them right now.

There are other awesome roads just north of the highway that wind though Litchfield county. Look at a map to see which ones are convenient.

I think your biggest issue in picking a route is most of the roads tend to run more N-S than E-W. Probably a result of the glaciers!
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