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Silver Bullet from this list (has silver elise and never posts here) came to LOG, he was behind me headed to Barber Motorsports (what a place that is). I had just passed a truck, apparently Barry's top was off, a rock went over the front and into the cockpit, he heard a loud bang, looked in his rearview mirror and saw a round hole just before the rear screen shattered., we pulled off at a gas station vacuumed all the glass out and went about our business.

At any rate, reason I'm posting for him (as he went straight up to NC from LOG) is to the Lotus of Atlanta for how they helped in this. As you know, Barry and I bought our cars from them. At any rate, Eric, the owner of LOA, gave him keys to his range rover, told him to drive up and continue with his original plans while he and his wife would drive Barry's Elise back to Lotus Atlanta and get it in for service.

I know I get a lot of criticism about many of my posts, but we do see our share of bad things about dealers, it's nice to know how LOA helped out in what could have been a tough situation for Barry.
Thanks Eric and Ginger!!
Chris on behalf of silver bullet.
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