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Parting with a faithful car can be a downer.
After getting my SY it was time to sell my 70's corvette. I took care of that vehicle for so long - felt like saying goodbye to a good friend. I was sad to see it go. During the selling process, preping the car & listing it, whenever I had second thoughts I would just have to look at or think about the Elise and I'd perk up and say 'can't wait till the vette is gone'.
The new owners were very happy when they came to pick it up - they brought their young kids who just bounced up and down and danced around the car. The vette, no longer to be snubbed by the yellow newcomer, was off to a new family after being with me for 15 years. We took pics and signed the title. Then I watched it back out the driveway, then down a block, and then it turned the corner and was gone forever. That time thinking of the Elise didn't help. I'll never forget that last fleeting glimpse.

Here's to faithful cars past! Whatever their make or model - may they ride on!

In memoriam:
And to a new 15 years+:
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