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There are some odd discontinuities in the pics. At the start of the link, you're on track near the start-finish behind some racecars (and ahead of a R10 Audi and Acura P2 car) and then it moves onto Directors road. Following the Perimeter road around, one goes back on track around T5 and then back onto the Perimeter road.

Edit: backing up, i made a right at the fork of the Paddock road & Canada de la Segunda (its the short road to the camping area). It came back on track into T6 but then dead-ends on track. You can see shadow of the camera rig here (and at the Start-finish) so the Google camera car was on track.
Edit2: going down the Paddock road, it dead-ends at the entrance to the paddock itself.
Edit3: going back along the Perimeter road (behind the Start-finish), if you take Pilarcitos Road behind T11, you will come back onto the track at T9 staring into the Audi R10 and the Acura P2 car. One more click & you're on the pedestrian bridge over T9 - where it dead-ends.

From the sign on the entrance, the pix were shot around the Oct 15-17 2008 ALMS race.
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