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..from the dealer test drive in Atlanta. He's just calling the first couple of waiters on the list to let them know that the Fed Elise was fantabulous! :D He wanted to reassure me that the wait will be well worth it. In a few month, I won't even remeber the wait.

He mentioned the Krypton Green and Chrome Orange cars were even better in real life than in photos. He also mention the handling was much better than the S2 euro demo model we drove a few months ago.

Dan did mention that Wednesday and Thursdays are the press days. However, Friday was a special day for Automobile magazine who is doing a more extensive test on the Elise.

Overall, I'm really glad he called to keep me updated. When I got the intial message that he called, I was thinking it was a sick April fool day joke than my car was in. :D
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