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Got My Double Cup Holder from Lowtush

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Just got back in town and this was here. Gotta say - VERY nice quality and workmanship. It's VERY VERY light weight. Nice bit of kit!

Car is in storage, and I'll install it then for some 'in car' photos.

This will now help get me out of the house: 'Honey, now that I have a dual holder, I can get myself a coffee and one for you too'. And then I go for a ride in the Lotus to get said coffee. Of course, I take two hours to do it! :)

Nice stuff!


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Always pictured you as a Big Gulp guy... You sure that thing will handle the stress?
Yeah, should be fine. Honestly, I'll rarely have two cups in at the same time. I just like having the option of knowing I can when Mrs. Swinglo rolls with me.

As for the Big Gulps - nope. If I drink a 64oz Big Gulp during a drive, I'll have to stop and take a leak in a cornfield. Oh wait, I do that every drive now anyway!!! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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