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Got my new sisal floor mats!

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Hi all, I've always had removable mats in my cars and since I couldn't find any suitable ones for the Evora, I contacted They were very approachable and had me make patterns and followed them very well. I ordered simple black sisal. They fit great and add a nice touch to the flooring. They don't seem to affect my feet's relationship with the pedals or their travels. Only thing is that they are heavy. The mats have a rubber backing with nubs to prevent slipping. (I haven't noticed a deterioration in performance because of the weight!) if anyone else decides to order them, maybe they have a lighter backing? I understand it's necessary from keeping the mats looking like tack shells. I'll include some images. Enjoy


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The Lotus mats are in two pieces and pretty useless.

Autoanything can supply some, they are ok but great for keeping little horrors off the car.
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