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MJC123 said:
The premium I paid wouldn't have come close to covering the sales tax on the other cars I was considering. One of those was the Ford GT, the premium on it is the price of the Elise.

p.s. Didn't pay $10k over
p.s.s Going to drive my Elise now. What are you doing?
p.s.s.s. This is all in jest!

I thought all of the Enron execs (crooks) lived in Houston.
What are you doing in Dallas? Oh wait -- that's just one of your locations. I guess you'll keep the Ford GT at your California home? What do you keep in Montana?

...some of us don't crap money :bow:

Enjoy your car. I'm sure everyone appreciates you slipping the Maitre'D' $50 to avoid the wait for a table. The rest of us will be at the bar.:no:
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