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Got the call to order - Help!

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I got the call from Ferrari of Denver to place an order. I'm not sure what to do. I hadn't planned on the car coming this soon (I guess it'll probably arrive in Spring or Summer '05), so I don't have as much saved as I had wanted. Also, I really want the LSD if it ever becomes available. I told my salesman that I'd have an answer tomorrow. In the mean time he's going to talk to his Lotus rep. to see if there's any news about the LSD.

So, what should I do? I was about to spend about $4,000 on a kart, but if I order the Elise that will be put on hold indefinitely. I really enjoy karting, but have been out of it for too long. I won't be able to afford a kart for quite a while if I have to put all of my unallocated savings to the Elise and have to make payments. If I can put the Elise off until late summer then I should have the savings to do both. Then again, I'll miss summer in the Elise, which would be fun.

Also, my main use for the Elise will be autocrossing. I suspect that the LSD would be a tremendous benefit there, although I probably won't feel the need as much at track days or on the street. Is the LSD important enough to wait for, given that autocross is my #1 intended use for the car? I had it in my head that I was happy I was low on the list because I might be able to get one with LSD.

Last, I have to give credit to Mike Parmakian at Ferrari of Denver. He was asked to place 10 more orders, and he's going down the list of deposit holders instead of ordering some in for the dealership to sell as high as possible. I fully believe that he's doing the right thing for his customers, and deserves a bit mention here for that. I can't be sure that they haven't ordered any for themselves, but if he got to me he's definitely going down the list quite a ways.

Thanks Mike!
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