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Got THE call!

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My dealer (Maplecrest in NJ) called today said my car is at the port. I am Number 6 and optioned my elise on Christmas Eve. I ordered Ardent Red/Touring/Hardtop. I also know that I am the only order in the top 10 that was not LSS (so I guess the delay rumor regarding the LSS delay is true!)

Anyway, they needed to know if I wanted stone chip protection for ~$950. I was told that it can only be installed at the port. Not being a big fan of the clear bra, I passed.

With only two weeks or so until delivery, I quickly lined up my cash today and should be all set by the time the car comes.

Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up
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Congrats! I would caution you on your choice to pass on the Clear Bra, but I'm happy for you. I'm #1 (customer car that is) at Princeton and I have been told my car is set up for a July build and a late July to mid August delivery. I guess what you are seeing is the difference in dealer allotments.

Now that you're getting your car, you should really look into Club111. I'm the regional coordinator for our area and am planning some great events and trips starting with a possible trip to LOG and some BandB tours, autoX and more. Look to the threads on this site for more information. you can also PM me if you have any questions.

Again congrats on your car and I hope to see you at some events this fall!

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Donovan said:
You're a bastard! :D

What he said!



I am sure you are right because you were not LSS, you got the car.


But congrats!

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.....But he is getting his car, and that makes me... :mad:

She ;)s at me, and says, "just :D , because your car will be here soon."

So I have to :bow: down to her, because she makes me so :).

So :clap: :clap: :clap: to you on your car.

We expect reviews, pictures, and video right away!

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eliseowner2b said:
SAVE BIG $$$...Get ur clear protection from

...........penny wise and pound foolish................

As has been said elsewhere, Lotus certified installation, with Lotus warranty and controlled environment for installation. I'll spend the money, save the aggravation, and not worry about something happening to it for a long time.

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Thanks. I'm starting to get cold feet, but it's good to here this waiting ordeal will be over soon. I'm number 16 at Scottsdale and didn't get the sport package.

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Got the call.
#7 fox valley/jim nuccio
I seem to have moved up to #5 or 6
probably due to non-LSS.
Anyway, 2 days ago I called fvmc to
tell them that they should be getting
a call about 3m clearbra soon, and that
I wanted it.
So yesterday they call, and say
I'm in the first "batch"
My car is in port
Do I want the clearbra for $995?

And I said


dan w

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However, I am disappointed in the lack of communication.

I was told that Lotus UK would tell Lotus USA when the cars were being shipped and then Lotus USA would tell your dealer so that you would know that you car is on the way.

It seems like they are just telling people when their car arrives in the port. This stInks for people who have to arrainge for financing or arrange to make a special trip to the dealership which may be out of state. I was at Maplecrest 2 weeks ago and they didnt know anything, and I am number 7 at Palm Beach and I know that several people in front of me have ordered the LSS and I also ordered Red, touring, and no LSS. Does this mean my car is in the port somewhere and I'll get a call when they get around to it. My dealer said on Friday that they still ahvent heard anything.


Are they having internal problems with allocations and are afraid that if they announce that cars are being built for one dealership instead of another that we will go nuts, or that the dealers will go nuts because we may be able to determine their secret allocation formula. Do they not know who they want to give cars to and are they still trying to figure it out, or did they change allocations midstream and now have to figure out if the green car that we built with touring that 5 people have ordered should go to dealer A or dealer B. I have heard that all cars are built to order. If this is true then why arent we being told that our car is being produced. Lets play the blame game- Lotus UK can blame dealers for not giving info and dealers can blame Lotus USA for not giving them info, and Lotus USA can blame either the dealers or Lotus UK and the wheel goes round and round and we are stuck in the middle.

This whole idea of waiting until all dealers have a demo sucks too. Just give us our cars. Who cares if one dealer has them and another doesnt. I dont care about Lotus' internal procedures for deleivering cars or if one dealer gets 5 cars or another gets 100. But then the dealers with smaller allocaitions are probably pressuring Lotus no to divuldghe anthing since they are afraid people will go to another dealer instead, and ones with long lines are afraid people will go to other dealers with shorter lines.

Keeping people in the dark so they will all be confused until Lotus figures out what they are doing will only piss people off. If I was reading this forum for the first time and saw the amount of frustration and lack of organization, and communication from the company I would probably pass and say its not worth it.

They need to fix this soon. Us loyal fanatics are willing to put up with this, but I'm sure a lot of other people arent. This wioll only hurt Lotus in the long run. Would you go to a dealer and order a car knowing that it would take over a year, and you have no idea of when it will be built and where your place in line was? Would you be willing to order an Exige if it became avaialble knowing that you would have to go through this process again?
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