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Got the word from Lotus USA

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I would like to thank Lotus USA for finally shedding some light on my situation.

I was impressed with their honesty and follow through - it restores my faith in Lotus.

Unfortunately it was not the news I was hoping for.

I am number #9 at overseas motors, Dallas. Lotus has accepted orders for the first 8 (bummer) to be built by the end of September. It looks like my car will be built in October (maybe November) so it should arrive between thanksgiving and the end of the year.

Some light was also shed on the mystery cars that turned up at Overseas Motors. I tried to sell Lotus USA on a SharePoint solution that would provide them with an Extranet for all their dealers and notify them as soon as and updates were posted. I even volountered to give free consulting. I hope they think about it :)

Anyway I am a lot happier knowing something.

Off to test out the Noble GTO -3R on Saturday......
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and what was their response on the mystery cars?
DO NOT DRIVE THE Noble GTO -3R... You will want one.... Seriously.. It is PURE INSANITY. I have NEVER gone to 60 as fast in my life.. I'm not sure that I got to 60 in 3.6 seconds as the Specs show but MAN WAS IT A BLAST. I would easily say it corners better than an Elise.

I own an '03 NSX and eventhough I love my NSX, I REALLY want a Noble.

Good luck!
I have been impressed with all of my dealings with Lotus USA, Clyde and team have always been very stratight forward with me.
Very easy for me to resist the noble, I can't afford the 75-80k for it!
Overseas Extra's

It was suggested that Overseas may have bought the two mystery cars from other dealers.....They were not originally ordered by Overseas and "extras" are not being made!
Strange information that you received. As stated on the Texas region thread, both "extra" cars had Overseas as the dealer that the cars were being delivered to. This implies one of several things:

1. The cars were ordered by another dealer and had them courtesy shipped to Overseas (I did this with my Z06) and then the dealer wholesaled them to Overseas
2. The "Sticker" was altered or produced by Overseas. The first is probably illegal (so unlikely) the other just doesn't correspond with what other manufacturers and may not be legal (so also unlikely)
3. Lotus Cars USA is aware of the action and produced the stickers (interesting possibility, but doesn't jive with some of their actions)
4. The GM ordered the cars "off list" or to fill spots vacated by listers that dropped due to the lack of LSD (but why Aztec Bronze?)
5. The person you spoke to at Lotus was mistaken
6. Another possibility I haven't thought of... you tell me

Another point to mention is that a representaive of another dealer said they were offered an extra car, but missed out due to timing or something (I don't remember the exact reason)


It just gets curiouser and curiouser
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sorry for the ignorance...whats a "noble gto?"
evomind said:
sorry for the ignorance...whats a "noble gto?"
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