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Hello fellow Lotus track day friends! Wanted to post back in here again because, we will be running another season of events at New York Safety Track just outside Oneonta, NY! For those who haven't been, its a 2.2 mile, 18 turn road course with over 450+ ft of elevation change which = tons of fun!

We have 4 events this season, spaced a little further apart then last. (June 12th, 2020 / July 17th, 2020 / August 14th, 2020 / September 11th, 2020)
The format and structure will be the same as last season's events, 3 run groups per hour (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and coaches who are familiar with the venue will be provided (FREE) to all beginners, in addition to classroom instruction, lead follow laps, track walk, etc. Each driving session is 20 min long, and we will be running 7 of them for the day with a one hour break for lunch (FREE). We also book a professional photographer and videography team for each event. Just check the website ( out to see their amazing work (all photos and videos on there are from our events).

Another hugely important note is that we cap the events at approximately 45 cars. So essentially you wouldn't get more than 15 people per run group. This is done as much for general safety as well as creating a fun and non-pressure filled atmosphere. After all, my Mom actually drives her Corvette (C7) GrandSport at my events. Its important to note this, because that's really the reason we exist. My entire family (even 80 year old grandmother & her twin) drives on the track (yes I have pictures for those non-believers lol) and we are dedicated to sharing the joy it brings to us with everyone else.

As such, these events are family and kid friendly. If you leave your wife, kids, or husband home I promise you will absolutely regret it. Just look at the picture below and see how many couples are in attendance! And remember, family's who race together stay together ?

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Anyway, for those interested and for more information, you can check out the website for more details on how we structure the events, how to register, cost, etc. Beyond that if you have any questions let me know! Look forward to having some of you back this season and meeting some newcomers too!
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