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government exemption?

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Anyone know the details of that govt exemption on the Elise? I remember there being something about the Elise being okayed for 3 years of production at which time it would have to meet full fed. standards. I thought it met all of those but I haven't been keeping up.
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Here is some good reading for ya:


I think it's likely they can get an extension if needed. And that the next Elise will be bigger and heavier and taller in the front.
bigger and heavier per this quote

"As previously stated, Lotus plans to introduce the second generation Elise in late 2006. This vehicle will feature compliant headlamps, bumpers and advanced air bags."
LotusLust said:
feature compliant headlamps
By the way, I haven't driven the car in the dark yet, but from lighting up my garage, it appears that the "non-compliance" of the headlamps is mostly that they appear to be projecting the "E-Code" pattern. I've paid extra to replace my US lights with E-Codes on other cars... :up: :clap: :clap:

Tim Mullen
What is the E-Code pattern? And what other patterns could there be?

Nice avatar from Mononoke Hime!
Genjuro said:

Nice avatar from Mononoke Hime!
:D thanks. Couldn't believe it was an option.
amcmahon said:
:D thanks. Couldn't believe it was an option.
I am a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki. :)
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