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Hey guys,

Thought I would share this track near my home in Apple Valley, CA. It's primarily a go-cart/drift track but they also allow for time attack laps. This is probably the most fun I have had so far with tracking the Lotus. The best part is that it was only $50 bucks:clap: for all day 8am-5pm! I have been to Buttonwillow and Willow Springs and had a blast. However, driving on such a tight and twisty track was just so suiting for the Lotus. There were a couple guys with go-carts/race bike and I was the only car going solo taking turns with these guys.

It would be great to put an event together with Lotus of SoCal so we can have some epic fun. Only downside I could see was the drive to the track was on a dirt road about a mile long. It wasnt too bad if you take it slow. :up:



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