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It seems like whenever someone goes out of their way to leave feedback about a vendor, 95% of the time its because they had a negative experience and they want to bitch about it, so I thought I would take a few minutes to give some positive feedback for one of the sites supporting vendors, Monkey Wrench Racing.

I ordered a new intake camshaft and rocker arms from them because of the infamous "cam lobe wiping issue" I was starting to experience. The parts arrived, so a friend and I tore apart the engine and just as we were about to install the camshaft, we realized that they had sent an exhaust camshaft instead of the intake cam. :mad:

I spoke with a guy on the phone at MWR (didn't catch his name) and it turns out that he did not ship the wrong box, someone at Toyota had put the wrong part in the right box :wallbang: So anyway, they sent my new intake camshaft out the next morning overnight UPS along with a prepaid box for the exhaust cam to be sent back in.

The next day, the part arrived and the car is back together and runs perfect :) Great customer service MWR, thanks for your help! :up: :clap:
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