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I recently got a Sony MEX-BT5100 head unit (I thought the MEX-BT5000 aluminum-look accent looked great in the elise, the 5100 is smoked and not quite as good, IMO), along with a satellite tuner and HD radio tuner. I had no idea where they'd go in the elise. One requirement was not cutting or drilling anything factory to make it totally reversible. Also wanted no/minimal wiring visible in and around the cockpit.

I figured I could find a place for the sat tuner, but the HD radio tuner is HUGE. Seriously, why so big? I have NO IDEA why this thing needs to be so big. I half counted on returning the HD tuner without a good spot for it.

Maybe this is old news, but I found the PERFECT spot for them up above the passenger footwell. Same space is available up above the driver's legs, too, if you needed more space.

It's ideal because there's a pass-through from this spot into the passenger-side cubby (the one that comes off with two screws, above the sill), and therefore behind the dash to the head unit, just big enough for wires. And it's deep enough that it can swallow up the HD tuner no problem.

To secure everything, I used adhesive foam tape (the "automotive/marine" closed-cell foam, not the crappy open-cell stuff you see everywhere, got it at OSH), around all parts of the tuners that touch the chassis or each other, so no metal on metal. They can be slid in an out easily, but still fit in there very snugly, with nothing to rattle or move around those 1g turns. As a bonus, you can actually see all the inputs and get to them without taking the car apart, unlike every other install I've ever done!

If it helps understand what will fit there, the Sony HD (HD-100 I think?) radio tuner barely slid in there behind the elise wiring harness bundle. Any bigger in any dimension, like an amp, and I doubt it'd fit.

One pic is of the units before I wired them in to show position. The other is with all wires in place, totally out of sight from the passenger seat, even leaning down to peek under there. They are looking up and toward the outside of the car from the passenger footwell (camera right next to base of shifter, looking up and to the outside).

Hope this helps with future installs!


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