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If you are anywhere near Columbus, Ohio, and need bodywork, Achbach Auto Enterprises on SR 161 may be the place. My Elise had clam damage from hitting a rabbit.

It's a good sign when the owner casually mentions that they've done a number of Lotus clams. They know about our cars and the body work was flawless.

This is not the shop to use if you are in a hurry or have tight deadlines
. Doing it right and going beyond takes time. "We can have the car to you by the end of the day, but we'd really like to spend three hours detailing it if we can have it for an extra day."

The Starshield held them up two weeks. "The sheets for the Lambos are perfect, but the sheets for your Elise and the two Tesla roadsters just don't fit the cars." So they hand cut them.

They go beyond. These people are the kind who say, "while we're here, we'll just fix this." I explained both what I wanted them to do and what I was trying to accomplish (sound deadening) and they did more than I asked to better achieve what I wanted. While the front clam was off, they cleaned out all of the leaves and the mouse nest. I asked them to look for A/C dye because the system leaks. They pressurized the system and left the gauges on for three days (with a grease mark to be sure) to see if I did have a leak (they weren't using the gauges, so they left them on to be sure). That's going to save me $1,200 that my other shop wants to replace the lines that I now know do not leak.

No surprises on price. The most shocking thing about the whole experience was the complete lack of nickel and dime charges. We agreed on a number. The only amount over that I paid was some sales tax. All the "we did this while we were here" stuff they did was included in the original estimate.

And the car looked fabulous when I got it back.

I should have taken pictures of my wheels, because I have never seen them so clean. Not just the spokes, not just the part that holds the sidewall, but the ring of the itself was shining from the outboard edge at the spokes to the inboard edge where it bends for the inner sidewall. I have no idea how they cleaned the gap between the front brake rotor and the rim.

I can't find by look or feel the seam where they fixed the clam. Nor can I find where their paint ends and the factory paint resumes.
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