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Greetings from sunny Florida

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Great Forum!

Thanks to all the information and tips found here, I'm proud to post a picture (read enough posts from newbies that didn't post a picture, so didn't dare make an introduction without one :)) another used Elise that switched hands here on the forum.

Looking forward to ownership.




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Welcome :wave:

very nice toys.
Wow...the bike is just as BIG !!!
Greetings! What part of Sunny Florida are you from?

I'm in Orlando...
Like the color combo!!
Welcome from the Deliverance States!!
Thanks.......we're in Jacksonville. Didn't realize it wasn't listed in the profile, but it's now updated.
Hi....welcome from cold, rainy IL. :wave:
nice pair. :up:
Welcome to the Lotus family! Nice pic! I bought my Elise in Jax at World Imports Lotus of Jax. Is that where you got yours? I live about 2 hours south of you in Titusville. Have fun with that new toy!
We drove that black Elise at World Imports a couple of times, but I really wanted to hold out for the Storm Titanium (with red interior if possible). Found this one near Atlanta from another forum member.

The only problem I see now is finding time to drive the bike:)

Hi....welcome from cold, rainy IL. :wave:
Yeah, I'm originally from the Buffalo area so am quite familiar with the "spring" weather up there!
hey maybe floridarob and I could meet up with you in JAX sometime for a drive/cruise in, or something... I may be open this saturday... I bought mine from there too...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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